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Takemitsu Zamurai

Post  evertosword on Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:12 pm

Bringing you another manga, I recently discovered and finished.

Title:Takemitsu Zamurai
Author:EIFUKU Issei
Artist:MATSUMOTO Taiyou
Type: Manga

MangaUpdates wrote:Early one New Year's morning, the rounin Senou Souichirou appears in Edo's Katagi tenements.

Initially, the inhabitants regard him with fear and suspicion: Kankichi, the carpenter's son, thinks he may not be human; the neighbourhood cats remark that he reeks of blood. But soon Souichirou pawns his sword, and, with a bamboo replica at his waist, settles down to a quiet life as the neighborhood school-teacher.

Months pass, and all appears to be well. But trouble will not leave the Katagi tenements alone ...

This story diverges from the hero and villain stereotype. It was a beautiful read.

Two amazing parts in the story.

Hox's Translation wrote:
-- Katsu Do you know the legend of Tenryu River?
-- Yes. There's a legend that says a dragon writhing in agony left a trail that later became the Tenryu River.
-- Long ago, there was a giant dragon that lived in Lake Suwako...
-- After much thought, the villagers decided to present a young beautiful girl to the dragon as an offering... even the dragon had never seen such a beauty before.
-- But this girl already had a man who loved her...
-- He was very clever and skilled with the bow and arrow.
-- He drew his bow against the dragon and the arrow pierced the dragon's left eye perfectly...
-- And thus the two were able to marry and live happily ever after.
How brave that man in the story was.
But still,
How pitiful the dragon was...


Hox's Translation wrote:
Hey Sou,
-- I'm not going to teach you how to fight with a sword.
Oh come on, you big meanie!
-- Why do you want to learn anyways?
-- I thought you didn't like me using a sword.
Well, back when you were fighting that samurai,
I thought you looked really strong...
I want to be strong too.
-- The strong are those who win without fighting.
-- Fighting to display one's power is what weaklings do.
That's so boring.

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