Hey there people

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Hey there people

Post  wolfjackle on Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:52 pm

Yo, I'm a female proofer who never got around to joining the forums, haha! Just realized that tonight, and I've been here since June. Wink But this summer's been insane! I work like crazy during the summer (35-40 hrs a week) and go to Pharmacy school during the other times of the year. I'm a big reader, started really liking fanfiction this summer! Um, I'm 19, and turn 20 in October. I like the sun, (as well as Sun, of course, what girl in her right mind doesn't? though when I wrote that, I didn't see the correlation everyone here would recognize instantly Razz ) and warm weather. Hate the cold. And I'm really good at rambling. I live in the US and yeah... I think I'll stop rambling now! A cookie to whoever bothered reading this. ^^


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Post  Zarule on Sun Dec 04, 2011 5:58 am

*gladly dunks the cookie into her tea* - because that's how you avoid the need to chew and make your tea even sweeter in one go cat - thank you, wolfjackle, for the delicious meal ! Very Happy

well, as of today i signed up. i'm 25 years old, german, and currently into lazying around a lot.
i like to read manga in its original the most, but unfortunately it's japanese and not korean that i learned some years ago..

not sure, if it's the rule for every new face to open a thread for self-introduction since i scarcely interact on forums, i just hope you can forgive my impudence -_-"
but i just couldn't ignore OSS ^^ it's the first group i heard that did translation on novels, and having fallen in love with the funny craziness of 1/2 Prince i wanted to know more *-* (meanwhile i got addicted to EH and MS, too ;D)

though it saddens me that i'm not able to help you out, i root for you guys ! you're great, what's there more to say? ^^


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Hello~ >u<

Post  theZoldyck on Mon Jan 09, 2012 4:23 am

Hello~ I'm new here ; u ; I am caren and I'm 13, turning 14 this Feb.
Ah Zarule-san, may I know where to read raw manga? >.<
I think they are of better quality than translated [on some occations]
And I need them to make AMVs ; n ;

Do come and watch the vid~ >u<
And subsribe me *u*

Ohoho //hides//


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Re: Hey there people

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