LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

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LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  Vielfras on Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:35 am

As you might have guessed already, this here is the summery of the 3rd volume of the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Novel.
Big thanks to iheartz from the Jcafe forum for summarizing almost all of the volume.

Also nuocmamt from Jcafe posted a revised version of this volume. It is much easier to understand at some points, and if you read both the google translation and nuocmamts version, many events become clearer.

Ok, now for the summery:

* The volume starts with Weed opening a stall for the second time. This time though it is in Baran village.
He does his generic "repair, make sculptures, cook" thing for a while. Many customers come to the stall, and some complain about the high price of the food and statues. They are quickly shushed by Weed's master level ass kissing and persuasion powers.
During this time he is also recognized by some of the female customers as the Princess Knight, but he simply shrugs it off as a misunderstanding.

* As Weed is using the rare ingredients he bought in the City of Heavens from the bird merchants, that dishes that he makes turn out delicious and add the eater powerful buffs. From adding health and mana, increasing intelligence and luck and raising your stamina, the bonus to eating the food made Weeds food sell out fast.
Although Weed failed many times at cooking the eggs and root he bought from the birds, in the end he manages to combine them into dishes. Royal Bird Being of the Day and Sweet Nut bay Leaf are the names of the cuisines.

* While Mapan the merchant watches this spectacle, he remembers his hard past and a flashback begins.
We are told about how he first started out in Royal Road, working hard to earn money and level up. Mapan has decided to become a merchant and the quest fro the job change requires of him that he obtains a large quantity of rabbit fur. There is a time limit of 3 days on the quest.
For some reason, while Mapan is busy buying rabbit furs, the price of rabbit fur skyrockets from 10 coppers to 50 coppers. Because of this Mapan spends all of his money buying as much fur as he can get and staying up all night to hunt outside the citadels walls for the rest of the furs.

* After the flashback ends Mapan looks at Weed strangely. He doesn't understand why a great warrior like Weed wastes time doing such worthless things. He asks Weed for the reason, and is shocked to learn that Weed's profession is a Sculptor.

* A quick explanation to the reader why Mapan is shocked and why he is mistaken. We are told Weed's history with the scarecrow and the such, and why he is much stronger than he seems.

* After awhile Weed notices that most of the village people and players have already bought sculptures and tried his food. So he packs up and buys as many gems and herbs as he can with Mapan (the merchant) as the negotiator,to save money.

* Mapan also buys cheese and olive oil in large quantities.

* After saying farewell to Backer, Dale and Horsum( the Rosenheim soldiers who were under Weeds command in the Lair of Litvart, and were left after the Puny Force Quest to insure the peace of Baran) they set off on a wagon that Mapan bought.
Their destination is the Holy city on the other side of the mountain range. (In the English version of volume 1, Seyoon buy her statue of Freya from this city.)

* While traveling through the mountains Weed uses the free time to carve unique statues, and as a result his handicraft skill levels up to lever for of the intermediate phase.
During the journey they meet werewolves of some kind, which charge the wagon. Mapan freaks out, while Weed takes out his sword. Mapan asks Weed what he's going to do with that type of easily breakable sword (seeing as its usually vendor trash). Weed roars as he charges and is rewarded with the Yell skill.
Soon after he beats the living sh*t out of the lycanthropes or whatever, Monsters that range from lvl 100-150. (there was a small excerpt here about how the physics of Royal Road are slightly different so its possible to change directions abruptly such as dashing forward and then suddenly leaping backwards, left, right, etc.)

Yell/Sing Skill: Increase leadership by x% for y minutes. Demoralize your enemies by a% for b minutes. Your enemies are thrown in a temporary state of confusion for z minutes. Your singing voice is better by q%.
Using the skill also clears the negative effects like confusion/fear from his troops/allies and boosts his troops/allies morale.
As this skill level rises, effect become stronger.
For example in volume 3 on page 125:
Sing in a range of skills that affect the morale of all allied to a 200% rise.
There is any confusion will be cleared.
170% extra five minutes will apply leadership.

And volume 24 on page 33:
+ Skills you have used yell.
+ Sing in a range of skills affected the morale of all allied to the 200% humidity.
+ There will be freed from all the chaos.
+ 285% extra five minutes will apply leadership.
(Thank you Jirun from Jcafe for the detailed description of the Yell/Scream skill.)

lxdarknessxl gives a description:
War Cry is an active skill where the user screams, whether it is gibberish or a sentence, at the top of his voice. This skill increases the battle performance of ALL allies of the user that hears it, meaning their attack power will go up. This skill's effectiveness depends on three easy factors:
*skill level: if you read the novel, you should know this.
*volume of voice: basically, how loud the user yells when using the skill.
*message: easiest thing to make use of. Depending on what you say, when yelling, the effectiveness will change. For example, if yelling gibberish will raise 60% of all allies' attack, yelling "CHARGE!!!" at the same volume will raise by 120%, and yelling "DEFEAT YOUR ENEMIES! CRUSH THEIR SKULLS! SLAVERY FOR THE DEFEATED!!!" At the same volume will raise by 300%.
When used efficiently, it may raise the user's Charisma stat. This skill eventually becomes Weed's 7th most used skill in the series.

Animeking states that Lion's Roar is the literal translation, if you want to see what kind of skill it is, go see stephen chow's kung-fu hustle.

* After beating up the wolves, Weed sits next to the Mapan, pulls out the jewels that he bought and starts carving them, while Mapan freaks out about how Weed might mar the jewels and then is stunned when Weed cuts the jewels to make them even more beautiful.

* Weed's sculpture mastery raises the level three of the intermediate phase and he is notified about the Grant life Skill.
With it he can bring his sculptures to life at the cost of 5000mp, 10 art points, 2 levels and some of his stats. A statues have their own personality and ego, they statue might not listen to its creator. The users intelligence affect how smart the statue will be.

* The story shifts to the point of view of 4 players who recently found a map/diary/something of an undiscovered dungeon with a treasure made by a Dwarven Master(?) at the end. The only problem is that there's is a room (?) where lightning will hit anybody trying to cross it. In order to circumvent that, they have a "thunder-stone" which will draw all the lightning to the holder, meaning that somebody has to get sacrificed.
While they were deciding who should die, they notice Mapan's Wagon. So they go and pretend to be normal adventurers and joins Mapan. Weed sense something is fishy and prevents Mapan from saying how Weed killed all of the dangerous NPCs along the trip. Instead, Weed explains it's all because of his Yell skill that the two of them survived. The players find out that Weed is carrying gems, which furthers their desire to kill Weed.
The group invite the two to the dungeon, pretending to be just "sharing" info. Three of them get killed by traps when going through the dungeon. Finally, they arrive at the halls of lightning, and the last person from that team asks Weed to take the thunder-stone. Weed refuses and is then threatened along the lines of "Either grab the stone and die or get killed by me". Instead, (this is speculation) Weed pawns the PKer. After said pawnge, Mapan says something about how depressing it is to make it all the way to the end of the dungeon just to give up. (speculation ends)
Weed then reveals that because he spent so much time in Lavias (or he bought so many feathers, or got a special item of some sort) he could temporarily fly.
So, he somehow evades the thunder and grabs the treasure. It turns out the "treasure" was just a harp that the Dwarf made in order to try to woo his girlfriend (lol).
Chapter ends.

* At the start of the new chapter - Van Hawk's Humiliation -, some real life events take place.
We are told about the rise on Royal Road popularity and how even the most unwanted stuff are bought on the item trading websites.
The story then centers around a television program interviewing Mela, a famous blacksmith in Royal Road, and we are shown some of the stuff he created.

* Weed decides to auction some of the equipment the Death Knight dropped.

* A history of the creation of Royal Road, and an explanation of how users from around the world can play together. Something about how user from the United States and Britain start in a different continent from the Asian players.

* As they enter a village they hear players looking for party members and trading stuff.
quick conversation between Mapan and Weed tells us that Weed has been singing non-stop for almost a whole month and Mapan was on the verge of loosing his mind. Thanks to the constant singing Weeds Yell/Sing skill rose to level 4.
More than that, during the month long journey Weeds sculpting skill reached level 4 of the intermediate stage while his handicraft skill(dexterity in the google translation) reached level 6 of the intermediate stage.

* The village they have come is so far from the Rosenheim kingdom that Mapan is able to trade the cheese and olive oil he bought in Baran for a high price.

* Weed is a little envious of how much money Mapan made, so he decides to sell the gems he carved during the trip.
This causes an uproar in the village as every merchant in the area is shocked at the high quality of the gems. Mapan laughs at Weed and tells him he shouldn't sell the gems in this small village by wait for awhile and sell them in a large city. There he will get a better price for them.
Weed humbly accepts Mapan's advice.

* For three more days they travel, and as the sun rises on the forth day they see rabbits and foxes running in an open field, while newbie players chase them down. While the red brick citadel walls shine in the early morning sunlight, and the blue sky clear of any cloud seems to continue on forever, Weed's is left speechless at the beautiful scene he is looking at.
As a result his art stat is increased by 2 points.

* As they try to enter the citadel, they are stopped by the guards.
Since Weed's and Mapan's nationality isn't British, they cannot enter the city freely.

* Mapan bribes the guards with two gold coins, and they allow him in. However Weed isn't included and is left outside.
Weed tries to sweet-talk the guards, but in the end he still has to pay four silvers before they allow him in.

* Once inside the city Weed parts from Mapan as they each have different things to attend to.
Weed enters a jewelry store which is crowded with nobility. The store offers different jewelry and a special crevice of combining gems to get special effects and bonuses.
A elegant and beautiful lady welcomes him to the store asking him what he need. Weed tells the NPC he is interested in selling and takes out the jewels from his bag.

* As Weed is a great traveler (has high fame) he is offered 3200 gold instead of 2900. Nonetheless, Weed decides that a profit of only 500 gold is not worth the month long trip he made after a little bargaining that results in nothing he is left with only one choice.
It's music time!

* After taking out the Dwarven harp he acquired and playing for awhile his relationship with the NPC becomes better.
Weed should have stopped there but no, he had to start singing...
His awful singing voice scares away all the customers and makes the shopkeeper screaming for the guards.

* In the end Weed gets rid of the gems for 3240 gold and is rewarded with 150 fame for making a large transaction.

* No that his bag is lighter and his pockets full of money, Weed goes to an wizard shop offering identification services.
He wants to know what is the necklace he got from the Death knight, and as it resisted all his identification tries he understand that he's identification skill is still to low and heads to a professional.

The PoV changes to that of a wizard who talks to himself about how he thought a wizard was going to be cool and all that but then gripes about the costs of all of the tomes and ingredients needed to learn/cast spells. Then he sees Weed coming in and tells Weed that the third floor is only used for super rare magical items (because he thought that Weed was a newbie due to his shoddy clothes) Then Weed gives the payment and asks him to identify the black (or was it red) necklace that dropped from the Death Knight. After identifying it, the mage was like "WTF! This...that...shouldn't even.. WTF?" because that necklace allowed the equipped user to summon a Death Knight.

Death Knight Necklace: 100/100 Durability
One of the many items the Dark sorcerer Khan created.
This necklace contains General Van Hawk life, however as a Death Knight his loyalty is toward Khan, and wining his loyalty will not be easy.
Limitation: If the player is not recognized as the master he will be attacked.
Summons Death Knight.
Enhances the effects of black magic by 50%.
+20 intelligence, +10 wisdom.

* Then Weed took the necklace and went outside of the city, starting up one of my favorite parts in the story. Paraphrasing
Weed: I summon thee, Death Knight!
Black smoke appears, with DK steps out wearing newbie clothes(because he was looted by Weed already).
DK: "You!", His eyes flare up
Weed: Serve me!
DK: Never!
Weed stabs Death Knight, killing him.
After waiting for necklace to recharge, he calls DK again
DK: I shall never submit to you! No matter how many times I die!
After killing DK several more times
DK: Ok, maybe we could work out some kind of agreement?
After several hundred
DK: I beg of you, please stop Master!
Weed thinks: Yes! I did it-but hmm...I heard of stories where servants just pretend to serve their lord, while waiting for the right chance to betray the lord. How bout another couple hundred times
Weed kills DK for 3 days (Either that, or a couple thousand times, I forgot which)

Weed didn't mind spending so much time killing the DK, because killing the Dk may not have given him any experience but it still leveled up his fighting skills.

* At the start of the - Return the Sacred and... - chapter, Weed is checking up on his auctions.
The Death Knights equipment sold for about 150,000 won each.

* Another explanation about Royal Road, how it is so realistic that rotting bodies start to stink and the like. Plus a part about level 200 weapons I couldn't understand.

* Weed reads an Email from some Undead followers group that would like to buy the death knights equipment. He tells them to meet him up in Liberty City, where he is headed for the Freya's cup quest.

* In Liberty city he and Mapan split up again. Weed meets up with the guys from the internet and finishes his trade. Once done he heads up to Freya's church.

* A huge church and a beautiful white marble statue of Freya was where Weed was headed. He tries to enter the church but the line for the churches blessing( the blessing gives 5% hp bonus and is the main income of church).

* Cutting everybody in line waiting for their blessing, buying holy water, etc. Weed says, "I have something for you." *shows chalice* The priest is like "Oh, my! This is..." and then ushers Weed to the Cardinal (or something, basically, the leader of that church) while all the players are extremely surprised since Weed was going to meet the leader.

*The Cardinal takes the cup from Weed and puts it back to it's rightful place.
Quest completed!
Weed recives 400 fame, a better friendship with the Freya, 1200 points of service for the church and levels ups 4 times.
(He now has a total of 1490 points of service done for the church of Freya.)

Another reward from completing the quest is the paladin equipment that Weed is offered.

Agatha's Sword: 130/130 durability 55-60 damage.
Created by a Dwarven Blacksmith to the request of Freya Church.
Five times stronger than steel, it is mixed with Mithril and boasts great power.
Restrictions: level 130.
Affects: Power +30, +20 agility, Faith +100.
Recover health 200% faster.
Can use blessings five times a day with at least two hours between each blessing.

There are also the "Rose engraved gloves" and the "Tube instead of a ring", which he identifies ( "Feelings" in the translation).
iheartz brought to my attention that the "tube" is (most likely) what google-translate interprets as the head priest of the Freya Church. So "there are also the Rose engraved gloves and the Tube instead of a ring, which he identefies" should actually be "the Rose Engraved Gloves and the Ring of the ________ (archbishop, leader, bishops, cardinals, Head Priest, etc)

* After Weed gets his rewards he is told about the three sacred treasures of the church, and how another one of them, the Crown of Fargo, was stolen by the undead. He is offered a B-Rank quest to retrieve another. Due to the fact that it is in possession of vampires, whose levels are around 270 with the boss Tori being 400, Weed tries to politely refuse.

* However, the leader thinks that Weed was just being humble and talks about "if we didn't have a hero like you to complete the quest, our reputation might drop and you would be hated among everybody <3" So Weed was like *oh crap, if I don't do this quest, I would be hated*. So Weed takes the quest.

* After receiving the rank B quest (more info on it: Apparently a division of paladins and priests have already been dispatched to retrieve the crown but they have never returned), Weed is given one day to get ready before they depart.
first stocks up on supplies (herbs, spices, etc), with Mapan wanting to come along for the quest at first and then immediately chickening out after finding out its a B type quest lol. He told Weed that until he returned he would spend his time leveling his trading skills, to help Weed sell the loot he will return with.

* Weed is then introduced to his partner Ron Alves, a little NPC kid wearing all white clothes. He is lvl 320 Master candidate (kinda like how Zahab was a Sculpting Master Candidate when he was a child, aka, Alves will become a master once he grows up) and the Pope candidate for the Church of Freya with a 150,002 fame.

Then, he is teleported to the town of Mora in the Northern Continent. The first thing that Weed notices is that he is in a huge cave which he soon exits, and is then hit by the frozen weather, which reduces all physical abilities by 5%, regeneration by 25%, and the destroyed ghost town of Mora (once a famous town known for its high quality leather).

* He goes back into the cave to warm himself up a bit. He then proceeds to break some of the equipment in his backpack. He then repairs them with the use of a blacksmith's hammer he purchased in Liberty city, only the break them again once they are repaired.
He continues to trains his repair skill on junk items that he bought in the city until it reaches lvl 9, 89% when he gets a cold, which reduces his physical abilities by 20%, skills become 30% less affective, maximum mana and health is lowered and any sculptures created while sick may end up breaking.

* Weed then logs out and starts to clean his house in a frenzy, making sure not to miss a spot. After his sister returns from school they go to visit his grandmother. After some casual chit-chat his grandmother tells him to finish his GED (General Education diploma). After stopping by a secondhand bookstore to pick up the study books, he goes to his old martial arts place where he proceeds to challenge everybody inside it to a sword fight xD.

* After taking on more than 10 people in a row ,with each of them being stronger than the other, (and having the teachers notice how his sword skill is on the level of national competitors despite him being a beginner before) he fights and loses against the Master. The master asks where he learned such skills and Weed tells him about Royal Road.
The master then immediately orders 5 capsules (because fighting dragons, orcs, lvling up, looting, etc is one of his dreams and you can train too). Due to Weed's tip, the Master plus four of his best disciples (maybe even teachers?) go to the training center and train until the run out of food. Instead of accepting a lunch with the Training Center instructor, Geomchi (the master) says he has his pride so him and his disciples eventually run out of stamina and experience "Dying like a dog due to hunger" roflmao.

*Then, the master decides to order 500 capsules for his entire dojo xD (goddamit, I love this guy) partly because of the training, and partly because they will get 5000 pieces of barley bread.

* As the - Jinhyeolui Vampire - starts Weed reconnects to the game and decides to scout outside of the cave, which is a safe zone where you can't die and monsters can't attack you. Ron Alves stays behind.

* Weed realizes how foolish he was just marching into Mora in plain sigh last time, it was sheer luck that he wasn't attacked.
So this time he takes his time and slowly sneaks into the town in search of supplies.
He doesn't search for long when a storm breaks out and he is soon completely drenched and cold.

Chill penetrates the skin!
Physical Ability is reduced by 14%.

Since Weed is not wearing any warm clothes, only the armor is shielding him from the crazy cold. and if this continues for long he will catch another cold. He decides to continue for a bit longer when he stumbles on a group of vampires, and after a long wait one of the vampires separates from the group.

* Pale faced, wet, cold and uncomfortable from the wet clothes that are sticking to his body with rises to the occasion.
He uses the Holy-man's Ring he was rewarded with for returning Heras cup, and receives a blessing which enhances physical abilities for 20 minutes.
Now with all of his stats raised by 150%, his max health and mana increased by 30% and his body bandaged against the cold( with his high bandage skill it gives him another boost to HP) he eats his cooking's and gets an additional 500 HM and MP.

* The vampire feels the strange holy aura emanating from the wrecked house Weed is hiding in and slowly comes closer.
Now armed with more than 8000 hp and 7000mp, Weed wastes no time and uses hes strongest skill that ignores the enemies defenses.
"Sword Kaiser!"
The vampire has hardly enough time to see who is attacking him before the skill finds it's target and greatly reduces his vitality.
Jumping sideways and sliding on the snow Weed manages to evade the Vampire that lunched itself towards Weeds neck in need of blood. Vampires were problematic enemies not only because of their high defense but also because of their blood sucking ability which restores their health.

* A flashback to Weed playing Continent of Magic and a quick explanation about how there, he only had to click the mouse button, but now in Royal Road he really has to fight, and move his body.
And Weed is loving it.

*As the Vampire realizes he is in a dire situation, he summons a bunch of bat familiars who immediately attack Weed. Weed is in trouble since the vampire keeps regenerating his health. Nonetheless Weed keeps attacking and just as Weeds blessing runs out so does the vampires mana.

* Until Weed finally managed to drop the vampires health to less than 10%, Weed is bombarded with negative effect from his buffs ending and the cold getting worse. He tries to fight, he struggles.
He is to weakened and when the vampire goes for his neck he lacks the strength to move away.

He dies.
Cursing all vampires and their relatives, Harn Lee comes out of the capsule vowing to get his revenge. He decides he lost thanks to his lacking equipment.

* The scene switches to Pale, Irine, Surka and Romune who were asked by Weed to assist the 500 martial artists, who go to the training center and see 500 tough and scary men, each beating up a scarecrow.
After summoning the courage to speak up (and having the crap scared out of him when all 500 trainees looked at him) Pale tells the trainees that he's helping Weed where the 500 promptly beg him for wheat bread and food xD.

*Back to Weed who has just logged in.
After his death there is a decrease in all his stats and skills with a small reduction in his gold.
He accepts the fact that it is still to early for a rematch against the vampires and so, he proceeds to train his repair skill.
After awhile his repair skill finally reaches intermediate, meaning that he can now completely repair weapons to its maximum durability. (Ex: if a 20/20 sword was reduced down to 0/13, Weed can repair it to 20/20) Weed can also now learn the blacksmith skill.

*Ron Alves wants to join when he sees Weed heading out again, but Weed explains that it is still to early.
He checks his surroundings and sees a pack of about a hundred evil wolves running around. And as the snow of Mora runs red with the blood of 100 wolves, Weed's level reaches 182.

* Weed didn't want to take Ron Alves with him, since if Ron dies the quest is finished. However a lvl 320 priests blessing was enough to convince him otherwise.
He hunts monsters roaming around Mora with Ron's help, and eventually reaches a lvl of 200.

*The level progression of Royal Road is then explained.
Royal Road has been open for 1 year and four months, with the average beginner level judged to be lvl 100 (with the example of production and merchant classes) Usually, most people set out and explore at lvl 130 (with the exception of bard and other similar classes who start traveling at lvl 50) Once a person reaches over 150, they become acknowledged as an good player and not just a "I'm just going on for my vacation/only playing it for a while." Level 200 though, is probably one of the benchmarks due to the availability of the 2nd jobs.
Called the critical level (I think), reaching level 200 will drastically widen the range of skills and powers a person can choose, with warriors becoming knights, Wizards being able to specialize in one element, etc. Less than 20% of all of the player characters in Royal Road are over lvl 200.

*Now a level 200 Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, armored in the Death Knights armor and wielding the Death Knights deadly sword, Weed decides to go and try to ambush a vampire again.

*As luck would have it, its the same one that killed him last time. With the help of Ron Alve's heals and buffs, Weed corners the Vampire corner, who then tries to escape by turning into smoke. However, Weed uses his sculpting blade technique (which guarantees a hit despite what form the enemy takes apparently?) and kills the vampire.

He then summons his Death Knight (which he didn't use before because 20% of all his experience earned goes to the death knight) and wipes out over 49 vampires(There are about 300 vampires near Mora and a total of 1000 in the entire clan; the rest are in their lair).

* Weed's fencing skill levels to intermediate and it gives him a 50% attack bonus to his sword, all attack skills have their mana cost cut by half, and he gains +2 to each stat.
Also the Engraving Knife Technique reached the intermediate skill level. This adds a bunch of bonuses to sculpting.

*He then continues killing vampires and while resting near a couple of statue he sees Ron Alves running around mumbling something.
It turns out that the statues scattered all around Mora were actually petrified villagers and Paladins. After Ron Alves un-petrifies paladins they find out that the retrieval squad were all turned to stone by the vampires. By offering the Paladins some of his food he wins their friendship. And soon 159 paladins and 38 priest are un-petrefied and swear loyalty to Weed.
He then decides to make a sculpture for the blessings (since now, he has an entire group to manage and a much larger reason to make a statue for the buffs).

*The frozen trees were unfit for carving and finding suitable rocks under the layers of snow was impossible. It finally hits him that he can make the sculpture out of ice.
The Paladins gather the ice from the surroundings and Weed begins sculpting.

*Some time passes and Weed is horrified at how the sculpture is turning out.
He tried to replicate what he did in Baran Village, where he sculpted Seyoon as Freya. However the felling of calmness he was trying to portray was ruined by the coldness of the ice...
He starts fearing that this statue will turn out a failure, resulting in stat and reputation loss for him.
Work on the statue is stopped while Weed is thinking about what to do.

*He keeps picturing Seyoon in his mind, with her blank stare and empty eyes. He remembers how scared he was when he first saw that murderer and the chill he felt in his bones while looking at her cold beauty, and then it hits him. That cold atmosphere surrounding her is perfect!
His hand moves with speed, Zahab'z knife taking away layer after layer of ice, Seyoon's form was starting to pop out of the ice.
Clad in plate armor and carrying a two handed sword, the statues cold stare mesmerizes the the small army of paladins and priests. So beautiful she looks scary, the statue of Seyoon was reflecting the early morning rays. As Weeds tired hand came down he looked at the finished statue with goosebumps all over his body.

Masterpiece work created! "Ice Beauty" has been completed!
A small description of the statue...
Artistic value: 750.
Special effect: Looking at the statue increases health and mana regeneration by 17% for a day.
Grants 40% resistance to cold.
Gives the looker some resistance to magic.
3% chance of reflecting an oncoming attack.
+30 to the charm stat.

Number of completed masterpieces: 3.

-Intermediate sculpture mastery increased to 5.

-Intermediate Handicraft increased to 7.

-Gained 320 fame.

-Art stat raises by 45.

-Stamina raises by 3

-Endurance raised 3.

-Luck increased by 40.

* A storm has came and passed during the night, and when Weed and his paladins come out of the cave they see the statue that was completed just yesterday in ruins. As a result the affect's the statue grants is reduced drastically.
Weed is saddened, and in his desperation tries the Repair skill on the statue.

* Surprisingly it works. Weed takes pieces of ice and attaches them back to the statue and soon the statue is restored to it previous form. Weed is amazed at this fact and he then logs out to search the internet for new information about jobs and skills in Royal Road.

*While surfing the net, gathering new info about the game, he see's that the strongest monsters in the game are dragons. These monsters are so powerful that not even one has been killed yet!
He learns that one of the dragons is a 150 meter (492ft) ice dragon. He looks at it's picture and thinks to himself, "Hey! That doesn't look that hard! I just have to attach the head here, the tail goes here and then I just..."

*Weed logs back into the game, and he and the new founded small army, begin to gather ice. Soon enough, a huge mountain of ice was erected!
Weed ties himself to a rope, and like a mountain climber he slowly start to go from top to bottom, carving his way through the ice.

*The first 100 meter were the hardest. With the freezing winds threatening to drop Weed to his death at any given moment, Weed was busy carving for his life.
Once the 100 meters were done all that was left were the legs and tail.

*With hard work, dedication and a lot of time, the dragon was complete. A masterpiece of gigantic proportions.

You have created a masterpiece! Bingryoung( Ice Dragon) sculpture has been finished!
A great dragon with a heart of gold. He is a guardian angel that keeps the order in the tundra.

Artistic value: 2500.

Special effects: An increase of 30% in health and mana regeneration for a day.
Grants 70% resistance to cold.
Grants 40% resistance to magic.
Increase maximum health by 35%.
Increase all stats by 12.
All monsters in the area are weakened.
Monsters cannot come close the the sculpture.
Dragons played for the boys.(WTF? what does this mean?)

-Intermediate sculpture mastery increased to 6.

-Intermediate Handicraft increased to 8.

-Gained 850 fame.

-Art stat raises by 64.

-Stamina raises by 16

-Endurance raised by 49.

-Bingryong is now included in the wonders of the north.

*A month after the completion of the ice dragon, Weed's level rose to 220 while the paladins' levels average 270. Weed thanks the ice dragon statue, since if not for hi this wouldn't have been possible.

*Were are brought back to the Martial artists (the Master's game name is Geomchi which means First Sword?) who almost treats Pale and his party like gods now, because they buy Wheat bread for the trainees (about 3,300 pieces of bread per one gold lol). After 4 weeks, all 505 members have finished the training where they go and immediately begins massacring the foxes outside the cities (despite the fact that they're supposed to be hunted in parties lol). Then, after remarking how easy it was to kill the foxes, they move on to the wolves, which they also exterminate. Irene comments how it's like watching 505 Weeds running around xD. (it turns out the the only thing that the practitioners were thinking while they were slaying the animals was: Coppers=Bread).

*The scene then switches back to Weed. where it mentions that his repair, cooking, leadership, and charisma were rising due to his management of his paladins. Also, Weed developed the faith Stat due to his familiarity with the Freya church and prayers.

Weed's stats:

Character name: Weed
Level: 205 Job: Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
Titles: None Fame: 3845
Vitality: 7760 Mana: 6471
Strength: 465 +118 Dexterity: 405 +38
Stamina: 134 +53 Wizdom:136 +38
Intellect: 154 +48 Endurance: 379 +38
Art: 714 +118 Charisma: 133 +38
Leadership: 368 +38 Attack: 1069
Defence: 133
Magic resistance
Fire:10% Water:10% Earth:20% Cold:80%
Black magic: 65%

*Amusingly due to his equipment that he got from turning in Freya's chalice, his faith stats are close to 400, while the average paladin's faith ranges from 200-300. Time passes, with Weed and Co exterminating vampires and freeing the paladins, with a total of 159 paladins and 38 priests) and finally, Weed decides to storm the vampire's lair, a black, five floor, castle near Mora.

Start of the - Black Giant Battle - Chapter

*The enemy forces on the first floor consisted of more than 50 vampires, which were almost immediately wiped out the the paladin and priests without any casualties. He levels up and checks the items he looted.

Vampire Fangs: 50/50 Durability
Used to penetrate the skin of the victim and drain his blood.
Can be used as ingredients for different crafts and alchemy.
Restriction: Level 300

Optional: If mixed with a weapon, can create a weapon that absorbs health.

Vampires Cape: 80/80 Durability
Restrictions: Level 250
Effects: Can transform into a bat.
Grants the ability of flight.
Faith -50, +25 appeal to women, -25 to all stats.

* After searching the rooms of the floor, it was discovered that the villagers of Mora have been turned into statues. After un-petrifying the statues, Weed is given a level B quest to free the villagers of Mora, which he accepts.

*The second floor had about 150 vampires, where after a fight, with Weed directing instead of fighting, they won. After freeing the villagers on the 2nd floor and feeding all the paladins and priests food with garlic (reducing them to sniffling and crying people xD) , they move onto the 3rd floor, with 200 vampires.

*After a huge brawl, Weed wins thanks to the use of the Yell/Scream skill that increases the fighting strength of the army and focused thhe vampires attention on him. After everybody on the 3rd floor are freed they move on to the fourth floor. .

Fourth Floor: rest of the 300 vampires, they won, freed villagers, etc.

* Weed is informed by one of the villagers that the last villager, a pretty girl, was turned into a stone statue by the Vampire Lord and used as a ornament.

*Finally, Weed and his group ascends to the fifth and last floor.
The first thing that Weed sees is a golden chair with a noble and effeminate young man wearing a jewel-studded crown, observing a statue and talking about how beautiful the girl was.

*Weed replies that he had seen and created a more beautiful statue (pwned, lol), to which Vampire Lord Tori praised. Then Tori talks about how humanity cannot understand true beauty and how one must be a vampire to enjoy such things. Then, he starts turning vampiric (sharp fangs, long nails, etc) and talks about how he'll enjoy the blood of the raid.

*At first, the fight seems to be going well with the priests healing while the paladins take the damage and attack. However, Tori, level 400, then uses his special skill "Tornado Blade," an Area of Effect(AoE) attack taking down the health of every single paladin that was surrounding him by 1/3. The priests barely had a chance to cast a couple spells before Tori used Tornado Blad once again, instantly killing 20 people.

* Although Tornado Blade consumes a lot of Mana, Tori immediately rushed to a nearby paladin and draining the paladin's blood, gaining back a lot of its health and mana.

*Because its obvious that the "paladin attack and priest heal" strategy will not work (since Tori will just immediately absorb the health and mana while doing a ridiculous amount of damage) Weed ordered the priests to attack Tori (holy healing magic on vampires=lots of damage) while the paladins focused on pure defense, healing themselves with their limited healing.

*Weed then enters battle himself, using Sword Kaiser on Tori, targeting the heart of the vampire, dealing a critical hit and eliminating most of Tori's abilities (vampires are generically weak against a thrust through the heart, hence the whole staking wood through the heart thing). Tori attempts to recover by draining Weed's blood but recoils from Weed's garlic breath (lolz).
Pissed, Tori attempts to kill Weed but fails due to Ron Alve's heals. Finally, after the continuous "heals" by priests Tori dies, dropping 2 items.

* The first thing that was Weed examined was Freya's Crown (google translated as Fargo's Crown, so I'm not sure whether Fargo is this famous member of the church or whether they mean Freya) .

Freya's Crown: 2000/2000 durability
One of the three sacred items the Goddess Freya bestowed on the land. It is a symbol of authority, allowing the wielder to give power over others, (speculation) User can control the Church's army (end speculation)
The crown ensures absolute loyalty from the army under your command.
Limited to those in the Priest job-tree or those who have been acknowledged by Freya or her Church. Requires 800 Leadership and 1200 Faith
-Increase Morale of soldiers.
-Soldiers will not surrender to the enemy
+150 Power
+150 Agility
+150 Stamina
+50 to all stats
+500 reputation

* After observing the crown (and getting an 20 increase in the art stat) Weed examines the Black Necklace, which it turns out, can summon Vampire Lord Tori. (Weed is slightly depressed that he can't kill Tori like he did the Death Knight so he can't use the necklace for a long time. Furthermore, he can't wear 2 necklaces at the same time so he can only call upon one servant)

*After Tori's defeat, Ron Alves finishes un-petrifying everybody and Weed finishes the "Free all Moravian Villagers" quest, earning 900 reputation, a 25 rise in familiarity with the people from Mora, and an increase of 5 levels.
He also receives the Prismatic Cloth (google trans: cloth of the rainbow) and 200 Premium Deer Leather. He then teleports back to Mora with Ron Alves, while the rest of the division stay behind to protect the villagers.

*In the start of the -Clunky Tv appearance- chapter wee are back to real life, where Weed is on the virtual item selling site and thinking about the amount of money needed to support his family, the things that he can sell, etc.

*While studying for the GED, he gets a call from CTS media (it was the same person as the one who called Weed after the auction) explaining how they are losing views and how they are recruiting famous players from all over and broadcasting their adventures (there's a thing in the capsule that records everything the user does).

*She asks what level Weed is (219) and is kinda disappointed (because most of the higher ranking people are a lot higher, although she didn't know that Weed didn't in come close to the 1 year and 4-5 months that those people played lol).

*Lee Hyun then sends over the first four weeks of his play time, which consisted of (roughly edited):
"Day 1
Started in Rosenheim Kingdom, Citadel of Serabourg
Go to training center, beat training dummy all day
Day 2
Beat scarecrow all day
Day 3
Beat scarecrow all day
Day 4
Beat Scarecrow all day"
(As you can guess) Everybody was like WTF?! And after releasing the videos, the viewers at first watched Weed hit the scarecrow with high expectations, which slowly dwindled as he just continuously hit the scarecrow. (As you can expect) Weed didn't get hired again.

I hope this helps. It is much, more detailed than the summary of vol 2 and even if you read just this summary you will have about 70-80% of the story.

P.S. The last chapter takes place completely in real life, and it a pain in the a** to edit. For that reason I left it as untouched.
If anyone is willing to edit the last chapter, post your take on what is going on in the novel here and I will edit it into the summary.
In that note, if anyone has anything to add or rephrase be sure to tell me and I'll make the necessary changes.

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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  blueheart on Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:56 pm

Vielfras wrote:
I'll try to edit the rest tomorrow. I don't think I will edit the real life part in the dojo, as it is mainly just the description of the people Lee defeats and the fight with his master.

thank you for the spoiler |^| but that was three days ago !! i wan't to know wither you are going to fix it or should i just read this or not !! it is hard to keep w8ing when something is in front of you !! XD


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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  Vielfras on Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:04 am

I will do it today...
Sorry about that. I'm currently serving in the army and the situation has escalated, so I completely forgot about this once people started dieing...

Actually I posted on Jcafe I was gonna do it by Saturday, and this statement here just slipped my mind. My apologies.


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regarding Yell/Sing Skill

Post  Animeking on Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:31 pm

wouldn't it be better translated as the lion's roar skill?


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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  Goodknight on Sun Aug 21, 2011 12:16 am

Its translated as Yell/Sing in google trans. The thing about Lion's Roar is that it kinda hints that you can only roar with it. With the Yell skill, Weed can give orders to armies, give speeches, verbally intimidate enemies, etc (like my name is Weed, you kill-stole my targets and took my exp, prepare to die. jk jk) . The only reason why he's yelling is because he's fighting against low intelligence lycanthrope/wolves with no understanding of human speech and Weed's Weed (with all his battle cries his in game friends think are funny and stuff)


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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  Namorax on Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:03 pm

From the description "Shout" or "Voice" would be a better fit. But voice sounds more like something a Bard/Singer would receive as a Skill, and they dont really do what Weed is doing with this...

PS: Did anyone see the movie 300? With the bottomless pit the king kicks the persians into? Google translator belongs in to there! Twisted Evil


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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  evertosword on Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:29 pm

When I was reading Sing/Yell I was thinking of a better word.
Shout and voice doesn't really fit.
What about War Cry?

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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  Namorax on Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:07 am

Depends on what exactly this is:

-If it is something Active, like Weed's "Sword Kasier" or "Triple" (A fixed Skill that activates and does a specific task) then War Cry would be a possible fit. Even if the "Improves singing voice" part strikes me a bit odd for a Battlefield Skill.

-If its something passive like the "Art" Stat, then Shout or Sing would be a better fit.

I'll wait until Oddsquads "official" translation reaches this point, since all this discussing will yield nothing, k?


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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  Musica on Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:37 am

Silly person, it's War Cry, even as a direct translation. (Pronounced Tajasu in Korean)

Chibi will let his good friend lxdarknessxl give a description:
War Cry is an active skill where the user screams, whether it is jibberish or a sentence, at the top of his voice. This skill increases the battle performance of ALL allies of the user that hears it, meaning their attack power will go up. This skill's effectiveness depends on three easy factors:
*skill level: if you read the novel, you should know this.
*volume of voice: basically, how loud the user yells when using the skill.
*message: easiest thing to make use of. Depending on what you say, when yelling, the effectiveness will change. For example, if yelling jibberish will raise 60% of all allies' attack, yelling "CHARGE!!!" at the same volume will raise by 120%, and yelling "DEFEAT YOUR ENEMIES! CRUSH THEIR SKULLS! SLAVERY FOR THE WIN!!!" At the same volume will raise by 300%.

When used efficiently, it may raise the user's Charisma stat. This skill eventually becomes Weed's 7th most used skill inthe series.

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reg: translation

Post  Animeking on Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:22 am

Lion's Roar is the literal translation, if you want to see what kind of skill it is, go see stephen chow's kung-fu hustle


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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  Animeking on Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:28 am

From Vol 3


위드의 입에서 광량한 음성이 폭발하듯이 터져 나왔다. 흙먼지가 치솟고, 바닥에 쌓여 있던 마른 낙엽들

이 쩍쩍 갈라지고 부서진다. 나뭇가지들이 부러질 듯 파르르 떨린다. 압도적인 기파가 좌중을 휩쓸었다.

스킬 : 사자후(Pronounced Sah Jah Hu)를 사용하셨습니다

that's the skill, translate this how you will


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While Lion's roar is the literal translation.....

Post  Animeking on Wed Aug 24, 2011 2:42 am

maybe it should be Lion's Voice, it does seem to fit better in context

anyhow let's wait for the OS translation


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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  Musica on Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:47 am

O.o it's sajahu? Well that changes everything. It's Lion's Roar, then. I prolly read a typo. Razz

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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  Vielfras on Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:18 am

So are we settled on Lion's Roar?


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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  Musica on Wed Aug 24, 2011 12:32 pm

Not really. Lion's Roar sounds too plain... I guess I'll discuss it with mom later. (Chibi calls the boss "mom", due to a convo where we discussed who would be who if we lives in the world of Ouran, and we lived in Tamaki's fantasy world of families.)

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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

Post  Knight on Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:40 am

A Big Thanks to Both iheartz and Vielfras. cheers

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Re: LMS - Volume 3 Summary [spoiler]

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