Superior & Superior Cross (Sequel)

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Superior & Superior Cross (Sequel)

Post  Yuki on Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:39 am

For those who love the classic hero defeats demon lord(Queen?), with a twist of romance, here it is!

The demon queen subdued enormous and powerful monsters and slaughtered over half of the world's population. Surviving members of the human race elected a hero to slay the demon queen, beseeching release from her oppressive rule. However, he questions his mission to eradicate the monsters in his opinion they too are conscious and alive, and so he anguishes over that fact. Sheila the Demon Queen became interested in him and joined his journey, hiding her identity with the plan to kill him after she has gained his trust. Eventually, she realizes that she fell in love with the hero and hence their journey begins...

P.S. : You can read Superior at, and Superior Cross at

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