Its not translating on chrome

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Its not translating on chrome

Post  Death.parade on Thu May 14, 2015 9:00 pm

I have added the star to my bookmarks, and whenever i click on the link to naver it appears and says that the chapter has been translated, but when i scroll down it is still in korean. I dont know if im doing something wrong, but please help!!


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Re: Its not translating on chrome

Post  Doonge on Fri May 15, 2015 5:41 am

On top of the website, near the Naver Logo, there should be the Overtooning Logo (a british flag or a star in a bubble). If you click on it, you should see the logs. Could you copy and paste them here?

If you can't copy paste the logs and need additional instructions, at least tell which webtoon and which chapter you are trying to access. Some people have reported the same problem than you, but they were trying to access Kubera chapters (we do not do them) which are activated but indeed not translated yet. In that case, it is normal and previous chapters should at least work.

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