Plugin suggestion: Some instructions for seeing what's been translated

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Plugin suggestion: Some instructions for seeing what's been translated

Post  A New Reader on Wed Mar 18, 2015 7:17 am

I just started using your plugin for another translator (Babo Kim Scans). I thought it was pretty cool, and wanted to see what else was using it (that is, what else I could read with it). I couldn't find a list on your site, and realized that you're basically allowing others to use the plugin, so I guess it wouldn't be practical to maintain a list.

I have some suggestions for this page: /p/naver-addon.html

First, make it more clear that, once you installed the plugin, you can go to Naver and start reading. For example, under step 1, Firefox: "3. You're done! You should now be able to read (url=<link removed>)Cheese in the Trap, Ep. 0(/url) in English. If not, continue to step 2." Step 2 can be renamed, "If it doesn't work," or something. ("Step 2: If necessary, whitelist the plugin in your other add-ons")

Second, state somewhere that the main site should be translated as well, and that translated series and chapters will have English names instead of Korean names. Maybe "English names, not in all caps", in case there's a series with an English name?

Thanks for what you're doing for the English-speaking Naver fans!

A New Reader

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Re: Plugin suggestion: Some instructions for seeing what's been translated

Post  Doonge on Sat May 23, 2015 1:02 pm

I didn't notice this message, sorry.

A website is being built, which is primarily meant to help the teams who use the script and who do not want to script their own feed.  This website will list them, but of course teams who want to remain fully independant can decide not to use it, and not be listed there.

Secondly, and more efficiently, the script can already list all the webtoons that are being scanlated: you just have to browse Naver's own webtoon list (or Daum's). Webtoons that are being scanlated are put in evidence. There is the possibility to add that function in the script menu if necessary (previously the "british flag" button, currently the "star in a bubble" button). Just tell me if you would find it useful (if you already noticed the current behavior while browsing Naver directly).

Thanks for your input ^^

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