(spoilers for s3!) I don't understand the relationship between Yoo Jung and Young Gon...

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(spoilers for s3!) I don't understand the relationship between Yoo Jung and Young Gon...

Post  illegalelephants on Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:08 am

(apologies in advance if i get any of the names wrong!)

Hi, I'm just really confused on season 3 ep 17-18, where Young Gon confronts Yoo Jung about Hong Sul and the text messages he sent him before they were dating. I was just wondering how Yoo Jung turned the blame on Young Gon, and what exactly went down in the argument (the dialogue is too confusing to understand for me Sad )



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Re: (spoilers for s3!) I don't understand the relationship between Yoo Jung and Young Gon...

Post  Doonge on Fri Jan 30, 2015 10:38 am

Oh Young On genuinely believes Jung sent him texts about Sul in the past (about how she "loved" him), and thinks Jung was dishonest about it, he thinks Jung set him up then.

In S3C17 first flashback, he learns that Jung hasn't changed his phone number (an acquaintance tells him so), but as he checks he notices how the two numbers are only lightly different at the end.
In the second flashback, we learn that it wasn't a mistake from Oh Young On, and that Jung did indeed give him a second number (probably just updating the data, so Oh Young On didn't realize Jung kept his old number all along).

Using his friend's phone, he set Jung up for a meeting in some room, so he can confront him somehow.
And during the confrontation, he tries to call the other number, hoping Jung carries two phones. I find that strange (and stupid), so it confuses me too. My best guess is that Oh Young On thought Jung, being someone who doesn't change his phone number, kept his second phone number, and walks at school with two phones or something.

Given that Oh Young On has solid basis to know Jung did set him up (especially since, at the end, he calls Jung using the alternative number, and Jung DOES answer, so it was very likely that Jung sent ALL the text messages - at some point I thought In Ha had written some, playing Cupid), and given that Jung is now dating Sul, the collateral victim of his set up, Oh Young On is justifiably thinking Jung is a weird bastard.

During the confrontation, Jung feigns ignorance. He spotted something in Oh Young On's pocket, and usually puts salt on others' wounds with the most deniability possible anyway. He kept his mouth shut, and so Oh Young On can't prove anything and can't enjoy a victory over Jung on the moment (but he will try to play another hand wil Sul later, lying a bit).

Only at the end of the chapter 17 do we see Jung openly admitting his mischiefs: he laugh at Oh Young On saying that Oh Young On is unable to recognize hypocrisy (recognize when Jung is lying to him), which make Oh Young On recall the basketball incident (where he said to all Jung was an all-time hypocrite, and that people were blind not to see it).
It's a reference to an early chapter (season 1). Show that Jung played Oh Young On out of spite, a payback.

As Oh Young On loses his temper, people come in, and Jung hint at the fact it's nothing and that Oh Young On was in love with Sul and now that Sul is dating Jung, that explains the commotion. Oh Young On is unable to prove anything at that point, because people "know" Jung never changed his number (nobody knows about the second number), and notice how the last digits are wrong. Oh Young On is unable to explain himself further: due to his reputation he's quickly shot down (in front of his current girlfriend, to which he is not commited so good for him I'd say).

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