Cleaning Guidelines

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Cleaning Guidelines

Post  noobzilla on Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:33 am

What is cleaning?
Removing foreign text from your manga/webtoon and restoring the graphics underneath.
Our webtoon cleaning criteria: Remove all SFX as well as regular text.

Save your files.
Save for web devices > set to PNG-24 format (lossless clean) with transparency and interlaced ticked.
PREFFERED (but not required) - If you didn't touch the raw during your cleaning session, and cleaned on separate layers, you can hide the raw layer so the file size is lower (transparent background).

5. Tips

- Bubbles containing ONLY punctuation: "?" or "!" or "..." do not need to be cleaned. (You will need to clean bubbles that have both text and punctuation). Sometimes you can also leave punctuation marks untouched for sound effects and non-bubble texts, if you feel the typesetter can type the translation beside (we tend to keep original punctuation whenever possible).  If you are hesitating, clean everything.
- Clone stamp is awesome for restoration of graphics / covering over foreign text.

Coordinating Contributions
To prevent people doing already completed tasks:
1. Make a Topic - with intended Project Name and Chapter Number and Contribution type
Example: CITT season 3 chapter 22 translation ||| CITT s03c22 Translation
2. In your post mention any further details you may think relevant.
3. It's best to wait for an answer before starting to work (one particular task may already have been done).
4. After we give you the green light, if you take too long and end up holding up chapters due to be typesetted, we might end up cleaning the chapter ourselves, in which case we won't be able to give you credit.

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