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This forum is for those readers that want to help in the scanlation/translation process but does not want to become a permanent member of Oddsquad.

Contributions of the following categories are accepted:

Webtoon Cleans
Webtoon Translations

Not Accepted: Proofreading, Typesetting

Novel Translations

Not accepted: Proofreading

Manga RAW Scans
Manga Translations - Only if you have personal access to RAWs

Not Accepted: Proofreading, Cleaning, Typesetting

We are not allowing any tasks that require the sharing of paper-based manga RAWs. We can't have the RAWs circulating the internet since that could deprive the author of paying readers.

You will be credited appropriately:
1) ONLY IF your work is considered up to par AND
2) ONLY IF we decide to use it.

Coordinating Contributions
To prevent people doing already completed tasks:
1. Check this thread: Required Cleans -
If the above thread is out of date:

How to Claim and then Submit your Task
1. Make a Topic in this forum- with intended Project Name and Chapter Number and Contribution type
Example: CITT season 3 chapter 22 translation ||| CITT s03c22 Translation
2. In your post mention any further details you may think relevant.
3. If the thread mentioning what we need is out of date, you may want to wait for an answer before starting to work. (We may already have what you intend to work on)
4.  If you are very late and the chapter is due to be released soon we might end up cleaning the chapter ourselves, in which case we won't be able to give you credit.
5. Cleaners: Post cleans in the same topic in which you "claimed" your clean
6. Translators: please DO NOT post completed task on the forum, PM your task to ALL of the following users instead: wryn, blackhorus, noobzilla

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