Second Life: New Beginnings ~Infinite City main area~

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Second Life: New Beginnings ~Infinite City main area~

Post  shinku-no-chi on Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:26 pm

Summary: Basically the same Second Life as before only people can introduce OC's into the storyline and possibly bring about a different future than the novel/manga had.

Shinku Chi approached the large gates of infinite city. Her long black sashes swaying with each step. Sighing she thought back to how much she had admired Wicked at the adventurers tournament, before that she had been solely dedicated as a necromancer. After seeing Wicked and Prince's skill as warriors it inspired her to take a up the blade and she began training with Katanas. Ever since then she had gained levels and grew stronger hoping to one day impress and confess her love for wicked.

Strolling down the streets of infinite city, her heels lightly clicked against the stone as she went. She couldn't help but glance into each shop as she passed by only to stop in front of a weapons shop. Glancing inside she saw someone working at a forge inside.

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