Making your own deviations (+ typesetting test)

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Making your own deviations (+ typesetting test)

Post  Doonge on Thu Dec 20, 2012 8:44 am

Hello there,

this message to say that I'm willing to release parts of the cleans (of Cheese in the trap) I have, if you want to tell littles stories using Cheese in the Trap frames.

It can also serve as test for people who want to show off their abilities for typesetting.

Here's the first one I'm currently working on: (from no51, image 19) (from no52, image 4) (from no52, image 12) (from no53, images 11 and 12)

fonts we use are:
- wild words for common dialogs (and most boxes).
- augie and/or laCartoonerie for most sfx.
- what you want for oddities.

Here's what "should" be typeset in those 4 images (change the text as you see fit, you can even simply use the normal translation if you wish).

Page 1 (typeset1)
Frame 1
Bubble 1: Sul, here's the gift.
B2: Full Cheese in the Trap translation.
B1: Th-this is the gift...
split: F-full ... the whole thing ...
B2: ?
B3: Yes, but don't peek before new year.

B1: Why didn't you use the opportunity to say it this morning?
B2: Please don't start with this again.
B3: Next year, I'll say it next year, okay?
B1: Honey, I'm serious now. Our girl is no girl anymore.
B2: Time to know it's been us all along who bought the presents.
split: Not the fairy fairies.
B1: ...
B2: She's so naive, if you said to her magical bubbles are coming out of her mouth, she would believe it.
B3: Do you realize how harmful it could be?

B1: But yesterday nothing was done.
B2: Wait, don't tell me ... don't tell me ...
split: is Jung a close acquaintance of the Holiday Spirit?
text: oh!
text: It could fit. He feels unnaturally resourceful.
sfx: rrrring
text: Hello there, your rational conscience here. You are a nice girl and all, but could you use some more of your common sense please?
Your brain

B1: Okay, all of this sounds really weird.
B2: Let's rehearse the whole thing.
B1: I was supposed to work on manhua, then my phone rings, then my brains warns me about this whole common sense stuff...
text: Or was it my rational conscience?
sfx: Ding!
B1: I don't get it.
split: Let's just ask him what he meant.
text: Yo! Thanks for the notice, but it's late and I don't have all my wits with me right now so I didn't catch wh-
sfx: press press
B2: Let's not forget the honorifics.
B1: Brain-nim? Brain-sunbae? How could I know? I'm just typesetting!
B1: I hope all this is not just a game.
text: uugh
sfx: step step

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