HetaOni - A Great Story Told Through RPG!

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HetaOni - A Great Story Told Through RPG!

Post  Blique on Thu May 03, 2012 4:28 pm

I guess this sorta goes in the anime section.

HetaOni! I love it! It uses the characters from Axis Powers Hetalia but has little to do with the plot, so you can watch it even if you don't know anything about Hetalia. As for those who do watch Hetalia, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much cooler the characters are.

Italy, Japan, Germany and Prussia decide to explore a haunted mansion, then they're locked in. Monsters lurk inside, and they have to survive while trying to find a way out. They later meet up with the Allied Forces (plus Canada) who they invited earlier, and learn that even though the mansion was empty before, the Allies claim they arrived long ago. There's something strange happening in the mansion, and the more they try to find a way out, the more horrors they encounter.

This series is just excellent. The drama made me cry so much, the comedy made me laugh so hard, and the horror actually made me scream a few times. The plot is deep and very moving, especially as you get further into the series and see what's behind the mysteries.

The storytelling relies about 90% on dialogue, 10% on images. This method works surprisingly well for me. Since they rarely give any indication of what kinds of movements or actions the characters are making, my imagination gets really active. I want to draw a webcomic of HetaOni so much...><

Here's a fanmade "trailer" of HetaOni (skip to 0:35). Warning, vague spoilers:

Click here to watch all the available videos, subbed in English.

Warnings: the start is slow, but it gets much more interesting soon enough, so stick around! Also, though I said you don't need to know Hetalia to watch HetaOni, it's good (though still not necessary) to know the basics. For example, Japan was raised by China, America was raised by England, Germany and Prussia are brothers, Italy and Germany are close friends - so those are all character relationships. There are also some inside jokes, like Germany is normally tough, but he's afraid of supernatural things, thus his character does a 180 when he's inside a haunted house. Well, if you're curious about anything, I'm sure Google will have the answers either way. Enjoy the series!

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