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Post  Calan on Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:19 am

For Roleplay purposes, in order for everyone to use their character in every novel/manga/etc without confusion, I believe we should create a new timeline.

Let's say that every manga/novel/etc we have, they all happen in the same universe.

The World - here, let's combine .Hack's and 1/2 Prince's The World. They don't seem that different.

Unaware NPCs - The World & its other forms

AI's / don't break the 4th wall - The World & its other forms

Self-Aware NPCs / break the 4th wall - Second Life

Self-Aware NPCs / cannot break the fourth wall, genius enough to, like us, deny "fantasy" and only accept "reality" aka their own reality - Royal Road.

My prototype:

Present Day > VR created as Single Player (refer to Heir Apparent) > decline of Virtual Reality, dead in the West (America) > UN becomes its own body, separate from US > Korea (N&S) v China for Economic #1 as America finally regains a stable economy for some time (because it led the creation of "Quantum Code" which surpassed Binary in too many ways and by its own existence increased processing power over 100-fold), becoming 5th while Britain receives a major economic fault which makes all of Europe decrease > S. Korea drops out of economic race v China, deciding to be fine with its #3 title > N. Korea beats China but then receives default, ending up as 3rd and S. Korea becomes #2 > S. Korea brings back its Video Game making heritage and makes VR MMO-able (by using Quantum Code) > X

X > The World and its latters are formed, AI wars unknown to the public > finally ends in the "Black Box Wars", in which players are kicked out for some time as the "heroes" deal with the situation > eventually The World is okay but now it's been made into a game(s) the developers don't want to mess with > Y

Y > Second Life created; Long uses it to continue experiments done during the Black Box Wars in which he was one of the few not caught > integrates himself into SL > Places finished "Ultimate Black Box" in hidden area during ND-Arc, which is searched for by hidden GMs w/o players knowing > rest of SL happens > W

W > SL's popularity declines and Royal Road is created, an existence much more stable and fool/hack-proof than the other games leading to an absence of AI & Hacker problems > another VR game called "End of Eons" is created, the company over it secretly using the work of past criminals to try to bring the VR into our reality (think Code Lyoko) > game is destroyed by UN from inside-out and the company is dealt with severely > UN created "PROTOGONOS", a network which is like its own multiverse and contains the universes of every game. This allows for VR and interweb creations to be monitored by the UN 24/7 > UN creates "The Abyss", a place they secretly put the harshest criminals in through mental transfer - it's basically an Eternal Hell (the company that made EoE is the first to be placed there) > Z

Z > Christianity has longed since declined and "The Mark", a group declaring the world to soon get Armageddon because of losing the Faith, has become a well-noticed and feared group > "The Mark" actually manages to hack and take control of The Abyss and creates "Legions of Evil" within > the UN fails to stop them from using EoE's data to ultimately destroy the UN and all its control, then unleashing "Hell Upon Earth" > other aspects of PROTOGONOS change the world along with The Mark's alterations, allowing people to use their avatars from games to defeat the Legions > main source of the Armageddon targeted and destroyed and the world returns to "normal" > UN is ultimately crippled and the "fall of nations" occurs, leading to Eclipse Hunter's scenario > END


If I am missing something or if you would like to add anything, please say so. Once completed we can rewrite the timeline and make a Roleplay-specific universe.

Please give me your ideas! ^^

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