How to use Dice Rolls and Character Sheet

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How to use Dice Rolls and Character Sheet

Post  noobzilla on Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:38 pm

What is a Character Sheet?
Look under my avatar -
You'll see that under my name there is a short description of a Character. Meaning you can set up very own character in this way.

Setting up a Character Sheet
1. After registering - Go to Profile
2. Then click on Character sheet
3. Fill in the form

Note: You may only choose 1 character to Roleplay at any given time.

Rolling the Dice
1. While you are making a new post - scroll down and you'll see: Dice roll --> maximise it and
2. Simply click on the drop down menu and select 100 sides.
3. After you make the post, you can see what number you rolled out of 100.
4. You can roll multiple times on the same post by clicking on the + button beside Dice Roll #1

Have fun with rolling... you can figure out what you want to use it for~

NOTE: editing the post won't effect the roll result

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